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This would be exhibit one of how not to be too other league players. See this? This is why the league of legends community gets a hugely bad rep.”o u r so bad feeder fucking feeder go uninstall feeder”

No. This is a game for people to enjoy. You’re gonna really take a free game seriously? Then go play a game you bet money on to play like Poker or Black Jack. Yeah they’re gonna be a lot of bad players. Yeah they’re gonna be a tone of people to carry. But making them feel bad for not being good at a game doesn’t make it right to be some pompous ass hat and tell them to uninstall or make them feel bad. Just give them positive reinforcement. Someone on your team keeps getting caught or did bad in his/her lane? Tell them; “It’s all good, we’ll get them in mid and late game. Just you wait.”

They made the honor system to try and show who may or may not be more sportsmanlike then others. Yeah, people try to abuse the honor system because they want “a pretty ribbon”, which is why you’ll mostly see the red ones in games.

All in all. Don’t be like this guy. This is a prime example why the community gets down talked, why people tend not to have cross chat to the other team on, and why people tend to quit league after a short time of trying it.

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